Sunday, November 1, 2009

What is a real Watson

Things a real watson can do:

1,2,3 we like to pee
Throw with both hands
Catch anything that comes your way
Go big or go home
4,5,6 pick up sticks
Fart on andys couch 15 times without anyone knowing (Nick)
Speed Poop
Can make Lucas cry with 3 words
Can fill the grand canyon with sweat in 5 minutes when its snowing
Sarcasm is our second language
7,8,9 were so fine
Shatter your eardrums with our rediculously loud voices
Can pass out from lack of oxygen from laughing so hard
Can drive to the the hospital blindfolded
Can call the night nurses a penguin and get away with it
10,11,12... ya nothing rhymes with 12...
Think fast
Play Farkle like a champion
23 Skdu
Needs a Diet Coke and can of Cream Corn after hitting a triple

Now whos got 4 thumbs and doesnt care??? The Watsons... How ya doin?