Sunday, November 1, 2009

What is a real Watson

Things a real watson can do:

1,2,3 we like to pee
Throw with both hands
Catch anything that comes your way
Go big or go home
4,5,6 pick up sticks
Fart on andys couch 15 times without anyone knowing (Nick)
Speed Poop
Can make Lucas cry with 3 words
Can fill the grand canyon with sweat in 5 minutes when its snowing
Sarcasm is our second language
7,8,9 were so fine
Shatter your eardrums with our rediculously loud voices
Can pass out from lack of oxygen from laughing so hard
Can drive to the the hospital blindfolded
Can call the night nurses a penguin and get away with it
10,11,12... ya nothing rhymes with 12...
Think fast
Play Farkle like a champion
23 Skdu
Needs a Diet Coke and can of Cream Corn after hitting a triple

Now whos got 4 thumbs and doesnt care??? The Watsons... How ya doin?

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Where to start, where to start.

So we go to gold rush after church today for lunch and within 5 minutes of being there we break the table. haha So as we are sitting there trying to fix it (uncussesfully) joe starts looking through the menu and sees that they have applesauce as a side, and says " who goes to a restaurant and orders applesauce?" Only to order it himself about 10 minutes later haha. Then we proceed to get into a conversation about the "octo-mom" and tim who was out to eat with us was like " i dont think you can bounce back from having 18 kids, at this point there just walking out and saying hey whats up!?" hahaha Then nick decided that he needed some medicine for his back and decided the pills that i had gotten from the er for my headaches would do the trick, and with my warning that they told me they could make you groggy and loopy he took it anyways. 10 minutes later asked if i rode with mom cause he was feelin a little dizzy from the pill, and might need me to take him home. Only to find out when we got home that they were caffeine pills. lol.


Monday, September 14, 2009

The joys of Sunday afternoon lunches.

So we decide that after church sunday we are going to go to Cracker Barrel with the Gage's, the Barnett's, and Will. We got our table, had a good lunch, played some checkers, did some brain teasers ( well... will did.. lol), you know, just the typical sunday after church lunch...

But now to the real blog story..So we are walking out of the restaurant and are on the subject of babies because Ashley Barnette was looking at baby halloween coastumes. Which got us on how nick and everyone have dates that they are predicitng for Andy and Ashley to have their first baby, and they are both like no, not going to happen anytime soon! just not going to happen. Then Nick comes out of no where and was like " Just remember, just cause theres a goalie doesnt mean you cant score!" HAHA Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo

Megs: And just to let you know ladies, Nicks statement is 100% true, because i myself am the proof that birth control is only 99.9% effective. Consider me that .1% haha. true story.

Nick: Just so everyone knows I am 100 percent against using other peoples stuff without giving them recognition so my goalie qoute came from Matt Parker, and also anyone that would like to place a date on the callendar of the first barnette baby just let me know and ill get your date .

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"You thought she was hott didnt you!!!?"

Megan: "So this story took place a few weeks ago as we were watching Americas Best Dance Crew. I was laying in my bed watching, and Nick was sitting in the living room watching. As a crew who is obviously all gay men and one woman are dancing Nick says to me..."

Nick: "Please tell me these guys are gay."
Megan: "Yes, and the girl is a Trans."
Nick: "Shut up."

- We both bust out in uncontrolable laughter at this point because she was totally not hott at all. lol And because it was just so spur of the moment it was fantastic.

Megan: "And of course i couldnt just let the torture end there, so i decided that every Sunday morning at church i was going to text nick and tell him his favorite trans was on tonight. haha Always begging him to come watch it with me just so i could harras him some more! lol To my sadness this crew was sent home this week. But i was not sad because they were any good at dancing, but because i can no longer send that funny early morning text message. I will miss it, and the look on nicks face everytime he read it. lol always followed by the words...

Nick: " I hate you."

haha gotta love it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Welcome to our phenominally funny life

Nick-" Well this idea came to me about two weeks ago as megan and i were sitting at our moms house as usual and weezing from the extreme amount of laughter i said we need to start a blog and share these stories with everyone we know, and with these very comical stories i hope they will bring laughter to you as well."

Megan- " As many of you know Nick and I are very sarcastic, and we would like to bring you just a little bit of our sarcasm with our new blog. So sit back relax and enjoy the greatness that is the Whoooowatson blog."