Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Tradition

Nick- Sunday afternoon we had cake for moms b-day at grans house and it was nice the parkers came over and hung out with all of us except for Joe who was at the inlaws for his mother inlaws b-day.(btw epic fail bro). But any whooo getting to the best part of the day, we were all sitting in the living room when gran got up and said hey terry come help me in the kitchen and since moms knee is in an imobilizer she was having trouble getting up so in typical gran sass bag humor she puts her hand out and said "need some help terry" and then started to laugh as we all busted a gut from grans comment as she danced off in triumph lol. Man I love that woman... well sometimes lol jk jk.

Megs- Oh Granny. Gotta love that lady. Shes got jokes. I give credit for me and nick's sassing skills to Gran. For sure. As nick mentioned mom was in am imobilizer, so getting up and normal things like getting into the car became a little tricky. The day after she got put into the imobilizer she needed to go to bible study, so i offered to drive her and as we get out to the car i hop in and then proceed to look over at mom who is trying to figure out how to get up into the expedition. So she tries to do a little hop and hope her butt gets up onto the seat, which fails, so she tries again, and fails... again. HA. Meanwhile im crying from laughing so hard, which is making mom laugh, which is making it even harder for her to get up into the car, so in order to pep her up a bit and give her some encouragement i tell her "mom gran gets into this thing faster than you!!!!" BAAAAAHAHA.