Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"You thought she was hott didnt you!!!?"

Megan: "So this story took place a few weeks ago as we were watching Americas Best Dance Crew. I was laying in my bed watching, and Nick was sitting in the living room watching. As a crew who is obviously all gay men and one woman are dancing Nick says to me..."

Nick: "Please tell me these guys are gay."
Megan: "Yes, and the girl is a Trans."
Nick: "Shut up."

- We both bust out in uncontrolable laughter at this point because she was totally not hott at all. lol And because it was just so spur of the moment it was fantastic.

Megan: "And of course i couldnt just let the torture end there, so i decided that every Sunday morning at church i was going to text nick and tell him his favorite trans was on tonight. haha Always begging him to come watch it with me just so i could harras him some more! lol To my sadness this crew was sent home this week. But i was not sad because they were any good at dancing, but because i can no longer send that funny early morning text message. I will miss it, and the look on nicks face everytime he read it. lol always followed by the words...

Nick: " I hate you."

haha gotta love it.

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